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Promotional Items Myrtle Beach

Promotional products are an important way for your business to grow and be seen. There are lots of items you can use to promote your company, whether it’s something useful like a coffee mug, pens, mouse pads, etc., or even clothing and bags. Commercial printing companies have lots of ways to print onto these items, depending on the size, texture or shape of the item to be printed on. Keep reading for some of the most common commercial printing methods for promotional products.

Screen Printing

This is a process of printing where a squeegee type device puts ink through stencils onto the surface, which is referred to as “substrate.” This is perhaps one of the most time-honored techniques in printing and has been around for well over a century. It’s the most commonly used method for clothing or other fabrics. It’s a fairly simple process but can be a bit tricky to master, so it’s crucial that you only use an experienced commercial printer.

Hot Foil Blocking

This printing method is an environmentally safe process which makes it a popular choice. Metallic foil is used on a stamp that has your logo on it and is then heated onto the promotional item. Once completed, the light reflects easily off of the foil and can have all kinds of color combinations, including holograms. It’s a very fun printing technique that your customers will love!

Pad Printing

This is the method of choice if you need to print on items that have compound angles or are three dimensional. It is also excellent for odd shapes or really small objects. This type of commercial printing can be used to print items like coasters, pens, golf balls, spherical objects, etc. It is by far the most useful and versatile methods of printing onto promotional products because it can print on any shape object. However, screen printing should be used for larger areas for more even coverage of ink and color.


The most effective art for imprinting on a product is Vector Art or Illustrator. If you do not have that type of file, we have a graphic artist that can convert the file for you. Please request a quote for this type of work.

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